like seriously full of shit (marbaby) wrote,
like seriously full of shit


so...since my breakup with derek last july, i've gone back to dating.


i went back on that dating site i was on before. i've gone on quite a few dates since july. a couple stayed around for a bit, the others were one time meets. back in the fall i was dating this one dude. we'll call him 'morden'. he was from a small town called morden (haha) that was about an hour away. for awhile we tried to make it work, him driving here for the weekend, me going there a couple of times. but ultimately it got too difficult and i don't think either of us were sure on whether or not we wanted to put that much effort into it.

since then it's been date after date. i've probably met up with a dozen dudes. i loathe dating. i find that most guys are like that fucking katy perry song 'hot and cold'. seriously. what? oh, you think i'm cute and you're gonna kiss me at the end of the date? ok, i'm cool with that. oh...wait, you sorta stop talking to me for no reason? ok, i'm cool with that too.


and i thought girls were bad. guys are just as bad. but then again, what do i expect right? this IS online dating.

i don't even get nervous anymore when i go on these dates. maybe i'm being too picky? i just don't want to settle at this point in my life. i'd like to think that i've learned from my past and know what i want and don't want.

i did go back onto eharmony though. goddamn that site is expensive. and although their commercials make me want to poke my eyes out, secretly i want what every one of those couples have...
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