like seriously full of shit (marbaby) wrote,
like seriously full of shit


So far I'm liking my new job. There is so much to learn though. I never realized how many flowers there were, it's totally overwhelming. But it's good, more challenging than my old job. I share an office with John (the best friend), and Ty (I'm his assistant), and they're fabulous. John is constantly farting and Ty is constantly giggling. We're all pretty gay.

Things are awesome with D. Everytime he comes into town, he stops by my house on his way home, just to say hi. I could fall for him if I let myself. His kisses make me weak at the knees. We seriously don't have a lot in common, yet it works. He's a corny joke-teller. I usually hate those people, but with him, I don't mind so much. I'm learning to accept and compromise when it comes to certain things about him. It's been almost 2 months since we've been seeing each other, and granted things are moving a little doesn't really bother me that much anymore.

Ethan is going to be a ninja for halloween. Not just any ninja though; a skeleton ninja. Right? He's so morbid, I love it.
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