like seriously full of shit (marbaby) wrote,
like seriously full of shit


hi again.

so i'm back...sorta.

my blogspot is mainly where i talk about my dudes and crafting and my boyfriend and movies and all that jazz.

but i feel like livejournal is the only place i can really speak my mind about personal shit.

so...that being said...

remember orville?


don't worry, nothing happened. i went out for sushi with him last night. it had been a while since i had seen him, probably before christmas. he's leaving in about a week to go to greece for 2 months. so i wanted to see him before he left.

damn does he look good.

and why, does he still give me butterflies? why do i find myself at a loss for words because i'm so nervous?

i mean, we dated for 2.5 years 14 years ago. like come on already. is it because he was my 1st love? is it because for the longest time we were one of those couples that broke up/got back together all the time?

me and my boyfriend just celebrated our 1 year anniversary last week. he is a good man and he loves me. i should be happy and content. and most of the time i am. i couldn't ask for a better man.

am i the only one that goes through these stupid emotions?

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