like seriously full of shit (marbaby) wrote,
like seriously full of shit

I'm seeing J again on Tuesday, it should be loads of fun.

D came over last night and hung out with us for awhile. Ethan is really taken with him. I've got to be careful with this one. I don't like bringing guys around Ethan that won't/don't stick around. Only because Ethan tends to get attached easily, which is why I seldom bring guys that I date home. I guess it doesn't matter either way. If me and D end up just as friends, that's fine, cause I know he'll still want to hang out with me and Ethan.

Still haven't heard from Ryan. He's utterly useless. Ethan doesn't even ask about him anymore. I don't blame him. Ryan dug his own grave. The older Ethan gets, the more he understands. Even if Ryan did want a relationship with him in the future, that trust, that bond has been broken. I never talk ill of Ryan around Ethan, and I mean, if Ethan decides in the future he wants to see his dad, I have no problem with that. But Ryan will have a lot of making up to do, a lot of explaining. Good luck with that bud.

I start my new job on Thursday. I'm excited. I was sad on Friday, my co-workers came around my cubicle with balloons and a huge-ass card. Then we took pictures. It's going to be so weird that I won't be seeing those people every day. I almost started tearing when I read the card. Bastards, I'll miss them all.

I haven't been to the gym in a week. Do I care? Hell no. Lazy whore.
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